Are you a Spray Tan VIRGIN?!

Calling all Spray tan virgins... listen up!

As an airbrush artist, there is nothing I love more than a spray tan VIRGIN, because I know that I am about to change your life!

(ok.. maybe not your life, but you get it) 

Here are the top 3 things to keep in mind while going into your very first appointment! 



1. Preparation is super important!

I always tell my clients, you want to be a blank canvas! Be sure to do all of your waxing-shaving-exfoliating-nail-hair appointments the day BEFORE your scheduled spray tan. The day of, just a quick rinse to remove all lotions-oils-deodorants. You might feel a bit dry, but that's ok because I will be spraying you with an aloe based primer to hydrate you and prepare your skin to receive the bronzer!


2. Don't be shy! 


Well, try! Keep in mind that your airbrush technician sees everyone down to their skivvies all day long. We need to be able to work our way around you efficiently! So even though you want to cover yourself up, try and keep your arms by your side. This will make the session go by a lot faster! If there is one thing I learned from doing this for 11 years, its that we truly all look the SAME, and we are all beautiful!  ..(now strip) 


3. Tell your artist exactly what you want!

This is the best part of a CUSTOM spray tan! Side note: Remember the days of booth tans? When you would walk into the dark misty abyss, hold your breath, and hope to come out looking NOT like an oompaloompa? Yea. We have evolved. Be vocal about what shade, and contour you like. Let your technician know if you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin. We want you to have the best possible tan you can get just as much as you do!


Good luck & get ready for your new addiction!    X Jade

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