How to care for your spray tan

Aftercare for your spray tan is equally important as the prep! 


The most important thing to remember.. you cannot get wet while you’re tan is developing. The first shower you take after waiting the recommended time should be the first moisture to hit your skin post tan. Also keep in mind that whether its a "rapid development" tan or an 8 hour tan- the longer you wait, the better. You just don't want to exceed 12 hours because DHA can over develop causing the color to slightly change and extra dryness that could irritate your skin.

*DHA stands for Dihydroxyacetone, it's a skin darkening agent. DHA acts on our dead skin cells that are on the surface of our skin. The amino acids in this dead layer of skin can react with DHA in order to produce a compoud called melanoidins. Melanoidins are brown. Therefor, we are tan, until we shed that layer of dead skin.

Science, man.


You want to make sure the first ingredient on the back of your body wash is water, rather than an oil and that it's sulfate free. Always wash with a sponge or cloth, especially your first and second showers. Lots of people make the mistake of barely washing, or just using their hands and letting the water hit them in hopes to preserve the tan. When really, you want to get that cosmetic layer of bronzer off you, and out of your pores. This requires light scrubbing. The tan is fully developed underneath and is not going anywhere. 


I am currently using unscented Everyone Soap. This is natural and organic with pure botanical extracts, cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, sulfate free, and non-GMO verified. This paired with my loofah is post spray tan shower perfection!


If you have to shave the week you have your tan on, that's ok! Just because you have a spray tan doesn't mean you have to turn into Chewbacca..

Just use a brand new razor so you don’t have to press too hard, and replace your shaving cream with conditioner- it's less harsh on the tan!


Moisturizing is EVERYTHING! I wouldn’t even recommend getting a spray tan if you can't commit to moisturizing post shower everyday! This is where my Tinted Body Moisturizer comes in. With light DHA, this product is made to prolong your spray tan (I’m talking 10 day tans people), keep you hydrated with an all natural skin conditioning complex, and keeps your tan even throughout. With a great after tan moisturizer you shouldn’t even notice your spray tan fading as it's leaving your skin! If you don't have my product yet, the same rules apply as the body wash. Water based, sulfate free!

Lastly- remember that excessive sweating (hot yoga), swimming (chlorine), massages (oils) will all shorten the life of your spray tan.

Got it all?! Good. It's worth it;)

X Jade

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