Glowing brides are happy brides.

We are approaching spring again, which means WEDDING SEASON is upon us!
As a spray tan pro & bridal alumni, I am happy to share my top 5 tips for getting the perfect wedding spray tan!


1. Do your research.
It is your wedding, so take the time to find the absolute best airbrush artist in your area. Even if its a little out of your way or a little out of your price range. It's worth it to have a trained professional instead of a car wash style booth. You will have these wedding pictures for life, and you don't want to look like 3 Mississippi Ross from friends in a wedding dress!

2. Book a mobile airbrush tan instead of going to a salon.
Not only does this save you a trip, but it's a more comfortable experience when you are in your own environment. You can ask all your bride questions that you may feel strange asking in front of a salon staff. i.e Will having "sexy-time" post wedding mess up my spray tan!? (I get this question on the daily)

3. All you need is a "Glow"
 No matter how much you love to see yourself chocolatey dark, I recommend all my brides to go on the lighter side. Remember you will be wearing WHITE which will create the illusion that you are a little darker to begin with. You will be dancing, sweating, and most importantly taking photos next to your not so bronzed groom.

4. Spray tan two days before your wedding.
Not the night before. This gives the tan enough time to develop to its full capacity, and a shower or 2 to make sure all the temporary bronzer is removed from your pores.
If your wedding is on a Saturday, a Thursday evening spray tan is best!

5. Book a trial!
Same as you would for your hair and makeup. Your bod is just as important! You can test out coloring, contouring, how it translates in a photo etc. Then you will know exactly what you like and have nothing to stress about come the day of your wedding tan! You can also make it a fun group activity for you and your bridesmaids- below is a before & after of my best friends bridal party! We were in Massachusetts in December-tans were needed;)

IMG_9672 (1).jpg
IMG_9673 (1).jpg

I hope these tips are helpful to you! I have brides tell me all the time that their spray tan was the best part of their wedding glam! It's our one day to feel like a princess, so I say do it all and do it right!

X Jade

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