My very first (cringeworthy) mobile spray tan

Story time? Why not.

So I am going to throw it back to my FIRST mobile spray tan ever. This was maybe in 2008. I had been spray tanning for a year at this point at a very high end salon in West Hollywood. We offered mobile- but no one really ever took us up on it. 


One of my best friends, Lacey, was a pro for a handful of seasons on Dancing With The Stars. I often did her makeup and spray tans, so she was like a walking billboard for me. Regardless of the show offering their own form of tanning (it was mandatory for the contestants to always sport a dark tan during their performances) Lacey always seemed to convince some of them that I was the way to go for their glow. (Thx, girl!) 

I got a call from someone inquiring about a tan for Denise Richards, who was on that current season of DWTS. She didn't want just a tan, but a mobile tan. At her house. This was different than what I was used to, but I was so ready for it. I thought.

I rolled up to her gorgeous home in my chevy cavalier, grabbed all my bags, and rang the door bell. Her dad answered, sweet as can be and directed me to where they prefer I set up shop. 

You guys.. This room was white AF. White walls, white couch, white carpet etc. I immediately started sweating bullets while simultaneously setting up all my stuff. As I am opening the bag my spray tan tent comes in, I realize that I've never even used it before ..but how hard could it be?

Before I know it, it's unraveling on its own and bursts open knocking a photo off the wall. (that I ninja style hung back up)

Are you cringing yet?

Anyways, Denise comes in, she was so nice! I give her a gorgeous spray tan without ruining any of the white surroundings. She pays and then leaves the room. I pack up all my stuff and a few seconds later her Dad comes back in to see me out. The last thing I need to do is fold my tent down and get it back into its bag which is the only thing that keeps it from popping up on its own, kind of like opening up a new mattress. 


Now, I don't know who created the pop up tent (that I now cherish) but it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to fold down. I remember doing a frantic google search and reading that it needs to be twisted into a figure 8. That's not working, and her dad is staring at me. 5 more minutes go by of me struggling with this thing until her dad steps in to try and help. Fast forward about 10 MORE minutes and I am literally rolling around on this white rug with her dad trying to tackle this cursed tent. Mortified. 

I finally just forcefully bent the frames and shoved it into its little bag, grabbed my stuff and speed walked to my car. On the way home when the tent exploded in my backseat on the PCH, that's when I just let Jeebus take the wheel. 


I didn't hear from them again, but hey, she looked amazing on the show, and I learned that tents are hard. 


X Jade

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