Part 2 of My Ultimate Shelfie

Lets just jump right into it shall we?

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7. La Mer The Powder, @lamer. This is hands down the best powder I have ever tried. There are two reasons why I feel this way, one being that it is super light weight. I have tried other powders that claim to be light weight, but I find that after a while of sitting on top of foundation, they mix together creating almost a pasty texture which is uncomfortable on the skin & causes creasing. Reason #2 being that it is neither matte nor shimmery. It is the perfect mix. I usually try and stay away from shimmery products because my skin is more on the oily side and I don't need to add any more glistening to this mug. The Powder leaves you looking purely radiant. The only downside to this product is that it costs a whopping $95.. BUT it's gigantic and for the amount of time that it will last you, I feel it's worth the $$. 


8. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, @bitebeauty. This is another product that I received as a sample in a Sephora delivery about 2 years ago, and I have been addicted ever since. This product is made with agave nectar and jojoba oil. It tastes AMAZING on your lips, and is so hydrating. I am usually not a fan of thick lip products, but this one is a good thick. It isn't sticky, but coats your lips well and stays in place. It comes in a few different sheer shades. The two I have on me at all times are Champagne and Neutral. Champagne is my everyday lip color, its a rose gold pearl that I'll pair with my @colourpopcosmetics lip pencil in Lumiere. The Neutral is a clear shade that I wear every night to bed. I have not had a dry or chapped lip since this product became part of my daily routine.


9. Ouai Haircare Volume Shampoo, @theouai. When Kim Kardashians hair stylist comes out with her own haircare line.... how could you not give it a try? Especially when its affordable. My hair is extremely straight, so I bought the Volume Shampoo a few months back. I never believed "volume" shampoo actually worked. Years of using a million different shampoos I decided that it was just a marketing thing. After trying this product I was so pleased because my hair felt light, and had a little bounce to it that actually remained all day. I knew it was a done deal when I started to wear my hair down more than 3 hours per week. ALSO THE SMELL. It is by far the best smelling hair product ever. I think even if these products did nothing for my hair I'd still use them for the scent..


10. Sprayed By Jade Tinted Body Moisturizer, @lol hi it's me. I often wonder if the people who create their own products actually use their own products? Like, does the creator of Nair secretly shave? Or do they use only Nair? Weird thought? Ok, moving on. I actually use my product on myself almost daily. I am usually too busy, or really just not in the mood to spray tan myself (yes I can do that) but I do like to maintain some kind of glow. My days of being a sun goddess are over. I am pushing 30 and have spent way too much time learning the ins and outs of skin care to destroy my own skin via UV light. With my moisturizer, you can keep building until you have achieved your desired color without getting splotchy or orange and overdone. It helps that it is super hydrating, smells wonderful, tones and tightens your skin, and prolongs your spray tan (if you have one on). Before I came out with my own, I would sometimes use the gradual tanners that you could buy at Sephora or even the pharmacy but I always thought the color pay off was a little too intense to be applying it yourself. If you wanted a dark tan wouldn't you just get a great spray tan? My product is the perfect combo of instant gratification and a natural under the radar tan. If you have made it this far into this blog post, and want to try it out- use the code "ABronzedBlog" for free shipping the rest of the week!


11. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Seasalt Cologne, @jomalonelondon. Clearly scent is important to me. I have loved Jo Malone colognes for years, and I think at this point have tried most of them. My best friend bought me the Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance a couple years back and that has been my go-to ever since. It works year round, and is a great everyday scent. I keep both the full size and travel size so I have a good stink while on the road too!

Thanks for being interested in what I have to say! If you try any of these products I hope you will share your feedback with me! 

X Jade

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