2 of my biggest spray tan pet peeves..

So I want to nip just a couple things in the bud (btw found out way too recently that it's "bud" and not "butt" I like butt better, but I'm not the boss). I am however, a boss at spray tanning & I hope that my lil pet peeves will actually be great tips for you and the future of your bronzed skin. 


First off, S H O W E R like you mean it! The biggest mistake you can make with your spray tan is trying to "savor" it. By not properly washing, you are doing just the opposite. Leaving that temporary top layer of cosmetic bronzer stuck in your pores is just like washing a face full of makeup off with water only. You really want to soap up your loofah and clean yourself well throughout your whole spray tan. If you waited the correct amount of time before your first shower, that tan isn't going anywhere- in fact it will continue to develop for 24 hours. Washing yourself really well will help with any little freckly or pepper looking speckles in your pores & overall appearance of the tan.

** if you are washing well and still see dark pores, try asking your spray tech if they will incorporate a primer in with their services. 

ll tan.jpg

The 2nd thing that I cannot stress enough is layering spray tans. DON'T DO THIS! You will forever be caught in a cycle of uneven dead skin cells. Your skin sheds itself every 7 days, you shouldn't be tanning any sooner than that. Or if you are taking excellent care of your spray tan and using  Sprayed By Jade Tinted Body Moisturizer for example ;) then your tans are lasting upwards of 2 weeks! When you layer tans it dries out your skin tremendously and starts to get that early 2000's orange hue. No thx, right?

Do you have questions about spray tanning or how to take care of them? Have you had a bad experience with tanning in the past and are afraid to try again? Send me an email at jade@sprayedbyjade.com or DM me on instagram, @sprayedbyjade

Lets get you glowing again!

x Jade

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